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Schmidt Consulting

Schmidt Consulting promotes human rights and fundamental freedoms, giving expert advice to private organisations and providing professional assistance in individual cases.

Schmidt Consulting has provided detailed submissions in a number of areas ranging from secondary education to police recruitment and has been instrumental in providing advice to the Human Rights Commission for Northern Ireland so as to give a principled foundation to the proposals for a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.

Schmidt Consulting has also advised private organisations and assisted them in preparing and submitting their requests to government bodies. Schmidt Consulting addressed the issue of disclosure of information in favour of a community group on the grounds of the Freedom of Information combined with the European Convention on Human Rights. A complaint was lodged with the Information Commissioner and professional representations were made with the Information Tribunal and later before the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland.

More recently, Schmidt Consulting co-managed Project MONNET (Mobilising Opposition Networks to Nationalistic European Terrorism) funded by the European Commission, which highlighted the impact of terrorism on democracy and human rights in Northern Ireland, with the potential for transferability to other countries of the European Union and further afield. The work achieved was described by the European Commission as being of good quality in content, professional in approach and constituting a sound basis for further study.

Schmidt Consulting is presently assisting victims and survivors of the forty year campaign of terrorism in Northern Ireland in dealing with the investigations of the murders of their loved ones.

Schmidt Consulting is wholly committed to the professional delivery of expert advice and dedicated assistance in individual cases.