La Mon House atrocity-update

La Mon House atrocity
In a letter which was addressed and delivered to only one of the La Mon House atrocity victims the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Mrs Theresa Villiers, indicated that she had decided not to initiate an independent de Silva type review into the La Mon atrocity for which the Provisional IRA was responsible.

The letter does nothing to elucidate the issue which had been raised with her in a comprehensive report submitted by the Ulster Human Rights Watch in August 2013 i.e. the allegation of collusion between RUC Special Branch and State agents involved in Provisional IRA terrorist activities.

It is in the public interest to establish the truth and see justice done in a case that was described by Lord Justice Gibson on 29 September 1981 as “the one [attack that was] by far the most serious, indeed the most horrific in the history of this community”. For this reason the La Mon House victims of terrorism will continue to pursue their quest for truth, justice and acknowledgement demanding that a proper investigation be carried out into this atrocity.